miyama long bowl

Minoyaki porcelains - metal contents far lower than japan's national standard, suitable and safe for daily use

miyama long bowl

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  • Minoyaki porcelains in the Gifu Prefecture are one of the most famous porcelain ware in Japan. It requires 1240-1260 degrees heat to minimise the metal contents – to a level that is much lower than Japan's national standard. This is one of the reasons why Minoyaki porcelain becomes Japanese popular daily tableware.

    Tsudoi (flower) Basin is a set of four and is the collaborative result of the designer Ono Rina, and manufacturers Miyama and Oda Pottery.
    Ono's design has prominent characters, yet practical and good for daily usage. You can find her name in international design contests with multiple awards. She likes to work with different manufacturers to look for new ideas and techniques

    Miyama and Oda Pottery are important and famous manufacturers in Gifu. Oda Pottery is good at producing circular porcelains, while Miyama is proficient in handling organic forms

    Tsudoi series has 4 different basins:
    Round Bowl (Crimson), Octagon Basin (yellow), Mokko Basin (iron black), and Long Bowl (pale blue-white). Each of them carries its characteristics. Yet, when you put them together as a set, they can coexist in harmony.